Our Journal

The Shifting

The Shifting Words by : Wendy Martin November 6, 2023 Currently where I live in Canada (imagine sprawling trees, peppered dark lakes and Canadian shield rock for as far as the eye can see) the trees are in their final shake off of their leaves, the colors are glorious shades of golden yellow, terracotta orange … Continued

by: Wendy Martin

The Gift that Yoga Offers

Words by : Heather Berg March 16, 2023 I took my first yoga and meditation class while I was a student at NYU. This was 1990, a world before social media, cell phones….this was when I didn’t have my own computer, but rather had to reserve one at the library to type my papers and … Continued

by: Heather Berg

Finding Stillness : A Practice

Finding Stillness : A Practice Words by : Jenniferlyn (JL) Chiemingo February 7, 2023 You would think – after 20+ years of doing and teaching yoga that I’d be an expert on stillness. But it’s just not that easy. We are all in the ‘practice.’ I’ve certainly experienced incredible, even memorable, moments of stillness. While … Continued

by: JL Chiemingo

Getting to know you…Amy Appel

Words by : Amy Appel January 18, 2023 It’s challenging to sit down and write about yourself. What do I want people to know about me? The truth. I am sensitive, curious, loyal and dedicated. I am passionate, anxious at times, unorganized and a grandma! I love to play pickleball, take long walks, do charitable … Continued

by: Amy Appel

Travel Makes You Happy

Words by : Jenniferlyn (JL) Chiemingo, E-RYT July 13, 2022 It’s true. Travel DOES make us happier. You probably knew it, but studies have proven it. At the Happiness 360 Conference in 2016, it was revealed that the happiest people travel more. Another study, conducted by Cornell University, has shown that people even experience increased … Continued

by: JL Chiemingo

Open Letter to all Cuba Retreat goers…

Words by Christina Thomas May 22, 2022 As I was re-reading my email to the upcoming Cuba retreat group it moved me to share. I have so much love and admiration for the people of Cuba. It’s truly one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been (and lived). I hope one day everyone can … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

Why go on a Yoga Retreat?

Words by : Dawn Thie, E-RYT May 16, 2022   As one of my best friends said, “A yoga retreat is a vacation for your soul.” Our daily lives keep us stuck in pattern. A place where we are doing, but not always being. When we move throughout our days we aren’t always consciously aware … Continued

by: Dawn Thie

Yoga Retreat Travel Musts

Yoga Retreat Travel Musts Less is more….or is it?     Offsetting your carbon footprint There are so many products on the market when it comes to travel and tourism. After all it’s a massive industry, contributing nearly 4.7 trillion US Dollars to the global economy and receiving around 415 million international travelers in a … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

Listening to Joy

Words by : Sarah Waggener June 12, 2019 I was recently talking to a therapist friend and telling her about my tendency to overwork myself. I have several jobs and always seem to be involved in different projects, scheduling up every bit of free time. She smiled and said to me gently, well that’s convenient … Continued

by: Sarah Waggener

yogi’s guide : how to meditate

Words by Jessica Apo June 12, 2019 Jess is a daily meditator and shares one of her favorite practices here with YOU.   Premeditative Asana :   • Lie on back, bring right knee into chest, left leg straight 5 breaths (SWITCH SIDES) • Place a strap or towel around the ball of right foot, … Continued

by: Jess Apo


  Words by Tara Jade Nichols March 19, 2019 Reflections of healing The Libra Full Moon on March 20th 0* brings all relationships into focus.Venus, ruler of Libra, asks who do we love? Are you feeling valued in your relationship? Libra wants peace, harmony and balance. Where are you compromising yourself? Often times the Libran energy tips … Continued

by: Tara Jade Nicols

Virgo Full Moon

Words by Tara Jade Nichols February 19, 2019 Stepping into Self-Alignment The Virgo Full Moon 0 degree Feb. 19th @ 10:53am Est. is a Supermoon as the closest to the Earth all year. She is potent with a message to bring order to the chaos in our lives.  Virgo rules health, work and daily routines. … Continued

by: Tara Jade Nicols

New Moon in Aquarius

Words by Tara Jade Nichols February 4, 2019 Aquarius New Moon – The Quiet Revolution   On February 4th the New Moon in Aquarius sets our sights on new horizons. A revolution is in the air. The “Awakened” ones are stirring, restless and ready for humanity to make the big “shift”. We see the French … Continued

by: Tara Jade Nicols

The Utopian Newsletter : Interior Design Issue September 12, 2018

. Our Favorite Interior Design around the globe Best Interiors • Shopping • Get the look Our favorite lobby entrance, back on our map. Istanbul here we come! Lead image also from Roommate Emir in Istanbul. Once a designer, always a designer In my most recent past life, I was an Interior Designer in New … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

The Smart Yogi’s Travel Guide to Cuba : September 2018

. Dying to check out Cuba but not sure how? Here’s everything you need to know So you’ve heard it’s tricky to get to Cuba…so what?!  Most things that are hard to obtain are worth the effort. Imagine the bear up in a tree, palm outstretched reaching for the sweet honey inside the hive, face covered … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

The Utopian Newsletter : Shopping Issue August 22, 2018

. What to buy & our faves favorite markets • Yoga clothes • Retreat gear Our favorite (and weirdest) Markets on retreat   A labyrinth of treasures at every turn…Morocco First and foremost we have to mention the souks in Morocco. We’ve loaded our suitcases with everything from kaftans and shoes to saffron and 10’x12’ … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

The Utopian Newsletter : Eat, Drink & Be Merry Issue August 8, 2018

. Eating our way around the world Santorini wines & eats • Moroccan tagine • Just…Portugal Vinho Verde sampling in Lisbon, Portugal It’s all about a good balance Of course, yoga is our top priority when planning and creating our retreat adventures, but food and drink fall right after accommodations in our list of considerations. We know that our yogis and repeat … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

The Utopian Newsletter : Gives Global Issue August 1, 2018

. A week of support to local organizations August 24 – September 3, 2018 What is our Gives Global week? As part of our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration, we are giving back on a global level with our teacher partners and Y&AWW tribe. During the week of August 24th through September 2nd, we are embracing our … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

The Utopian Newsletter : Cuban Revolution Issue  July 25, 2018

. All About the Cuban Revolution What was it?   Girl Power!   Socialist vs. Communist? The Museum of the Revolution in Havana. July 26th : The Day of the Revolution For all of us contemplating governmental change these days and how to get rid of old ways of thinking and behavior, the Cuban Revolution in some … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

Tacos are life.

words by Christina Thomas   My favorite taco stop in town in Tulum is called Honorio. They serve handmade tortillas with your choice of the following : lechon with a piece of crispy pig skin (sorry veggies!), the classic cochinita pibil, carne asada, relleno negro which is turkey meat with a black mole sauce and … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

The Utopian Newsletter : Henna Issue  July 18, 2018

. What the HECK IS HENNA?! Darcy Vasudev of Henna Lounge tells all…   Darcy is the mastermind and artist behind Henna Lounge. Who is Darcy? An internationally certified henna artist, Darcy Vasudev is one of the most influential artists in her field, with over 15 years of professional experience and an international following. Known … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

The Utopian Newsletter : Art Issue July 11, 2018

Convo with Colectivo ART founder, Aimee Martinez : co-leading the Yoga+Art Retreat this November in Cuba   Aimee exploring the Modern Art Museum Bellas Artes in Havana, Cuba Why was Colectivo Art created? Why Cuba? In 2015, Christina invited me to join her in Cuba on a girls’ trip. “You HAVE to come,” she urged. I … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

The Utopian Newsletter : Summer Issue 2018

Happy 10th Summer! 2008 – 2018   We are celebrating 10 years of retreats and travel! Welcome to the official Yoga & Adventures Worldwide Newsletter – The Utopian! If you’ve hung out with us long enough you’ll understand the significance of the name. We want to keep the amazing memories alive of our beloved spot … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

‘I Include Myself’ : Gay Havana

Words by Laurie Greene June 20, 2018 Cuba, like most other places in the world, has not always been accepting of homosexuality or queer culture. As documented by Cuban Poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas in the autobiographical film Before Night Falls (2000), life for openly gay Cubans was often met with discrimination and political retaliation … Continued

by: Laurie Greene

Why we love Santorini

words by Christina Thomas   Why have we chosen to host our yoga retreats in Santorini versus any of the other hundreds of islands in the country? Many reasons actually, but namely these! Yes, the views from pretty much anywhere you look in Santorini are EPIC. Of all the Greek islands we have chosen this … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

Summer Solstice 2018

words by Tara Jade Nicols June 21, 2018 On June 21st, the Summer Solstice begins as the sun steps into Cancer. We are drawn to our family, and connecting with our feelings. Cancer, known to be sensitive, longs for a sense of safety and security. This Solstice, in the Nothern hemisphere, marks a time of … Continued

by: Tara Jade Nicols

Namaste, and mean it

words by Willis Johnston Being gay has helped me understand the meaning of yoga. To me, at its core essence, yoga is the cultivation of a peaceful life through navigating and existing in one’s truth while also connecting to others with the deep understanding that all beings everywhere spring forth from the same spark of … Continued

by: Willis Johnston


How do we open our heart and body to adventure? Words by Wendy Martin June 9, 2018 There is something so profound about the synergy of travel and yoga retreats…when you step out into the adventure of travel your senses are heightened, crisper even. There are a freshness and clarity to the sights and sounds … Continued

by: Wendy Martin

Harness the Overwhelm

words by Sherry Sidoti June 4, 2018 Last weekend I taught a workshop entitled “Harness the Overwhelm” because let’s face it, everyday living can be a bit much: the to-do lists, the expectations, upholding importance, overstimulation, social media, all the caring. Sadly, feeling overwhelmed has become a new norm, and it’s throwing our nervous system … Continued

by: Sherry Sidoti

On Strong Hearts…

words by Andrea Manitsas May 30, 2018 This is a theme that I come back to again and again and again, because it requires constant reminding, constant cultivation, for me anyhow. We’re talking about connecting to the strength and support that we need in order to find openness and remain open. And let’s be pretty … Continued

by: Andrea Manitsas

Following my heart

Words by Christina Thomas   Every client usually asks me how I ended up leaving my life in the States and following my heart to Mexico so I thought I would share my story of how I came to live here in Tulum : One February back in 2008, when it was cold, snowy and … Continued

by: Christina Thomas