New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius

Words by Tara Jade Nichols
February 4, 2019

Aquarius New Moon – The Quiet Revolution


On February 4th the New Moon in Aquarius sets our sights on new horizons. A revolution is in the air. The “Awakened” ones are stirring, restless and ready for humanity to make the big “shift”. We see the French yellow jackets and political upheaval in Venezuela. We want change, and we want it now. The Aquarian age ushers in a higher calling for solutions to create a world of our dreams. Where humanitarian causes are worth fighting for, as we no longer have the wool pulled over our eyes. The Moon conjunct Mercury, the messenger, brings in a flood of higher knowledge ready to be downloaded through meditation practices. Together we share ideas to serve the planet as a greater whole.

Mars and Uranus in Aries squaring the Nodes gives an unexpected twist to our evolutionary path. Accidents could be on the rise with these two unpredictable planets in Aries. The key is whether or not we decide to end the karmic cycle. Change is bound to happen, as Mars is ready for battle, sword in hand. Uranus has instability written all over it, ready to erupt at any given moment. Both challenging the South Node in Capricorn, asks that we see where history keeps repeating itself. The old structures must breakdown in order to have a breakthrough. Patterns are meant to be broken. Mars and Uranus square the North Node in Cancer, sheds light on the the feminine way, reminding us that all beings deserve safety and security. Cancer reminds us to listen our intuition, feelings of compassion, and inner knowing. True strength comes from allowing ourselves to be truly vulnerable.

Jupiter in Sagittarius sextile the Moon asking justice for all. Those who maintain integrity and morality during this time of prevailing truth will have a blanket of protection surrounding them. We see a vision of what could be, as the veil of shadows is slowly lifting. We feel a sense of great expansion as new information is revealed that was once hidden. Jupiter serves as the Truth Seeker, making sure that the scales of justice are balanced. We now raise the ceiling of our awareness as we continue to evolve spiritually.


March 19-24, 2019

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