Yoga Retreat Travel Musts

Yoga Retreat Travel Musts

Yoga Retreat Travel Musts

Less is more….or is it?



Offsetting your carbon footprint

There are so many products on the market when it comes to travel and tourism. After all it’s a massive industry, contributing nearly 4.7 trillion US Dollars to the global economy and receiving around 415 million international travelers in a ‘normal’ year. It’s big time, which means there is a lot of responsibility that falls into the hands of world travelers in terms of taking care of the planet and doing anything we can to offset our carbon footprint when we travel. Now Google Flights let’s you know the amount of emissions the flights on offer produce so you can choose consciously which is the best for the planet. We also can calculate our flight’s carbon emissions and pay for the offset through companies like Sustainable Travel International where a roundtrip flight for example from Cancun to Marrakech will only cost me around $27usd to offset. I build that into my flight cost. It’s a must!


Eco-Friendly Travel Yoga Mats

Back when everyone in the yoga industry attended Yoga Journal Conferences in stuffy hotel boardrooms and set up tables to peddle their goods on offer to all the yogis who would pass through their doors, we were chosen by the Liforme Yoga Mat gods to receive a complementary yoga mat! I had been shopping the marketplace all weekend deciding which yoga mat I was going to buy on the final day of the conference when everyone lowered their prices so they wouldn’t have to pack it back up and ship it to their warehouse. Suddenly a wonderful English man appeared at my booth and asked me if I’d like to come over and have a look at his new-to-the-market yoga mats.

The grip was amazing, the mat was adorably designed and the company seemed so nice. As I was getting my wallet out to pay he insisted that it was a gift, that he could give me a pink one for free to try it out and let him know what I thought. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a pink kinda gal. I politely declined the offer for the free pink mat but said that I would love to purchase the dark grey one instead. He insisted that I not pay, but take the grey mat and enjoy it with my practice.

Since then I’ve left one in the back of a cab in NYC and had to buy a new one (purple this time) and when they finally came out with travel mats I had to get one too. That grip plus light and travel-ready, hell yeah! I cannot recommend these mats enough. Everyone who asks me about it is forced to get on the mat and take it for a test spin. I love my Liforme mat! Bonus, they offer 5% to the planet on a few styles of travel mats, they support the LGBTQ community and their new at home tiger print is pretty tempting I must say.

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The Best Traveler Suitcases on the Market

I have gotten really tired of buying and rebuying suitcases at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s over the years. I travel hard and I love to bring back a LOT of stuff from the countries I visit which means I need a lot of luggage. Since 2011 there’s been a lot of checked bags that have come back to me with missing wheels, broken handles, zippers and tons of scratches and dings. Enter AWAY, my one and only suitcase from now on. It comes with a great little travel goodie bag AND a limited lifetime warranty, hellllo! They give you 100 days to test it out, travel with it, live with it, love on it and if for whatever reason you aren’t completely enamored, they give you a full refund as long as it’s not personalized which is also another very cool feature! Plus they ship within the US and Canada free.

They are sleek and fabulous for travel. You can add a USB charging port to your carry-on if you like and the colors are gorg. They have a ton of great accessories from bags and cases to neck pillows and compression socks and everything in between. A one stop shop for your travel life!

AWAY also partners with many inspirational organizations like Global Glimpse helping high school students to see the world, IGLTA Foundation supporting safe travel for the LGBTQ community and Together We Rise an organization helping foster children with the resources to have a successful future. Now that is something we can all get behind!

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These days travel insurance is more important than ever. All the ‘what ifs’ and ‘what happens whens’ are enough to give even the most avid traveler pause before booking. We are so happy to have found this incredible insurance company that covers Covid-19 incidents including travel delay due to quarantine requirements, any medical aid you need due to Covid-19 and changes to flights and travel plans. It really sets our minds at ease when booking international travel. For US citizens living in the US the plan we recommend is the Safe Travels Outbound option.

For any non-US residents or US residents living outside the States we recommend Safe Travels International Cost Saver or Safe Travels International plans.

All you need to do is fill in their easy to use form with your travel dates and plans. If you have any questions there is a customer service chat right on the website to help you out with a real live human and if you need to give an agent a call to review the options they are also fantastic!

Happy Travels everyone!!


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Christina Thomas

Christina is the creator and visionary for Yoga & Adventures Worldwide. She strives to create yoga retreat experiences that open the eyes of the traveler, offering them the opportunity to consider another possibility as they explore the world around them and the world within. Her yoga retreats are designed as if she were the guest, attending to each and every detail as she would want done for her own travel leaving just the right amount of room for that incredible serendipity that makes life so special.

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