Tacos are life.

Tacos are life.

words by Christina Thomas


My favorite taco stop in town in Tulum is called Honorio. They serve handmade tortillas with your choice of the following : lechon with a piece of crispy pig skin (sorry veggies!), the classic cochinita pibil, carne asada, relleno negro which is turkey meat with a black mole sauce and a piece of hard boiled egg–one that they don’t make much of so you have to get there early to enjoy!

Everything can be on a delicious warm tortilla or as a torta on their shockingly incredible bread made just for Honorio.

Their hours are from around 7am to until they run out of food which is usually around 12pm. So it’s a pork-filled brekkie around here in Mexico but once in a while, it’s sooo necessary!

Luckily Mexico is known for their fresh juices (make sure you ask for it without sugar though! They put a scary amount of the refined stuff in there before blending if you don’t!). My favorite is a green juice that uses a local Mayan spinach called chaya. It’s a tougher thick, broad green leaf that adds tons of nutrients to your meal. It is typically blended with either lime, orange, or pineapple to cut the bitterness. Give it a try when you are in these parts!


Christina Thomas

Christina is the creator and visionary for Yoga & Adventures Worldwide. She strives to create yoga retreat experiences that open the eyes of the traveler, offering them the opportunity to consider another possibility as they explore the world around them and the world within. Her yoga retreats are designed as if she were the guest, attending to each and every detail as she would want done for her own travel leaving just the right amount of room for that incredible serendipity that makes life so special.

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