Words by Tara Jade Nichols
March 19, 2019

Reflections of healing

The Libra Full Moon on March 20th 0* brings all relationships into focus.Venus, ruler of Libra, asks who do we love? Are you feeling valued in your relationship? Libra wants peace, harmony and balance. Where are you compromising yourself? Often times the Libran energy tips the scales of balance to give more to the other. They desire justice yet usually aren’t being fair with themselves. The full moon bring us closure and manifestation which cause endings for many partnerships. However, some could seal the deal with an engagement or committing fully to their loved one. It all takes place on the Equinox – symbolic of the balance between light/dark and masculine/feminine. Let this year be your reset to come back into divine harmony with yourself and those closest to you.

This Moon is opposing the Sun and Chiron in Aries spotlighting  what needs to be healed.  Our attention is brought back to the Self.  Are all our relationships mirroring our core wounds? Who am I when I no longer identify with my insecurities? If we begin to thank those who trigger us to realize one to heal their deepest wounds. The full moon sheds light on our own darkness. This is the opportunity to have the courage to face our vulnerabilities. To see things from an outside perspective. May we take the lesson Chiron is teaching the soul and become the mold of the clay. “For we are only as strong as our weakest link.”

Uranus in Taurus marks a change of course. Whatever path your relationships are headed now shifts  to a new direction. Seize the day. Uranus is always stirring the pot, keeping us on our toes. Insights as to the next step start to formulate under this influence. In Taurus, the bull whispers, Are you in or Are you out? Either way the Libra Moon wants answers about the commitment.

The divine lovers Mars and Venus, are heating up as passions rise. She says, value me or I’m checking out. Nothing like a square aspect to test your comfort zone. Mars in Taurus creates new expectations concerning our self-worth . Is it time to raise the bar? Venus in Aquarius will emotionally shut down if her needs aren’t being met. At least Venus is in a harmonious conversation with Jupiter softening her edges. Jupiter reminds us to count our blessings. Every relationship points to a piece of the Self that is in need of healing.

Mars is is sending a message of positive change towards Pluto and the South Node. The warrior planet is ready to fight for love. Love yourself. Love your neighbor. Love the planet. Send out Love bombs. He wants to clear out past life karma. Let go of the baggage. Pluto in Capricorn transforms your history and how you relate to the past. It’s time to tell a new story. The one where you’re now the hero, not letting history repeat itself. Don’t look back.

Tara Jade Nichols

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Tara Jade Nicols

Tara moved from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina to the paradise of Tulum, Mexico and hasn’t looked back! She gives astrology talks on the beach, offers full birth chart readings to those who are interested, and is sharing her New Moon and Full Moon charting with us here in our blog each month. We are so excited to have her as part of the tribe!  Be in touch if you want more info on your own star reading. It’s fascinating!

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