Summer Solstice 2018

Summer Solstice 2018

words by Tara Jade Nicols

June 21, 2018

On June 21st, the Summer Solstice begins as the sun steps into Cancer. We are drawn to our
family, and connecting with our feelings. Cancer, known to be sensitive, longs for a sense of safety and
security. This Solstice, in the Nothern hemisphere, marks a time of the most daylight. Literally, the sun
shines longer than any other day of the year. Symbolically, the light we carry within is at it’s fullest. We
are hopeful, like a flower in bloom, radiating our full potential. We become expansive stretching beyond
our foreseen limitations. This is the power of the Solstice, one of the 8 most powerful days we will
experience in our calendar. The Astrologically influences foreshadow the unfolding of life events over
the next three months.

The Moon is in Libra, bringing all relationships into view. Add to this the divine lovers, Mars and
Venus are in opposition to one another and conjunct the Nodes of the moon. The North Node together
with Venus (divine feminine) gives way to valuing women and the importance of their gifts to humanity.
Whereas, Mars (divine masculine) sitting with the South Node, allows for the fall of the patriarchy to
continue to bring the earth’s natural balance. Jupiter in a challenging square to these planets, magnifies
the gross inequality we have been experiencing for thousands of years. It demands change must come
in the foundation of our belief’s if we are to align with humanity’s highest potential.

A Grand Water Trine between Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury softens the intensity as we are
guided to communicate our deepest truths to find a common connection with all beings as a cosmic
family. We are one.

Tara Jade Nicols

Tara moved from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina to the paradise of Tulum, Mexico and hasn’t looked back! She gives astrology talks on the beach, offers full birth chart readings to those who are interested, and is sharing her New Moon and Full Moon charting with us here in our blog each month. We are so excited to have her as part of the tribe!  Be in touch if you want more info on your own star reading. It’s fascinating!

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