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The Gift that Yoga Offers

Words by : Heather Berg March 16, 2023 I took my first yoga and meditation class while I was a student at NYU. This was 1990, a world before social media, cell phones….this was when I didn’t have my own computer, but rather had to reserve one at the library to type my papers and … Continued

by: Heather Berg

Getting to know you…Amy Appel

Words by : Amy Appel January 18, 2023 It’s challenging to sit down and write about yourself. What do I want people to know about me? The truth. I am sensitive, curious, loyal and dedicated. I am passionate, anxious at times, unorganized and a grandma! I love to play pickleball, take long walks, do charitable … Continued

by: Amy Appel

Why go on a Yoga Retreat?

Words by : Dawn Thie, E-RYT May 16, 2022   As one of my best friends said, “A yoga retreat is a vacation for your soul.” Our daily lives keep us stuck in pattern. A place where we are doing, but not always being. When we move throughout our days we aren’t always consciously aware … Continued

by: Dawn Thie

Yoga Retreat Travel Musts

Yoga Retreat Travel Musts Less is more….or is it?     Offsetting your carbon footprint There are so many products on the market when it comes to travel and tourism. After all it’s a massive industry, contributing nearly 4.7 trillion US Dollars to the global economy and receiving around 415 million international travelers in a … Continued

by: Christina Thomas