Virgo Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon

Words by Tara Jade Nichols
February 19, 2019

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Stepping into Self-Alignment

The Virgo Full Moon 0 degree Feb. 19th @ 10:53am Est. is a Supermoon as the closest to the Earth all year. She is potent with a message to bring order to the chaos in our lives.  Virgo rules health, work and daily routines. Where do we need to tighten up? This Mercury ruled Moon gives a hard look at what adjustments need to be made. We become focused on the details. Changes in diets or exercise shift dramatically. Perfectionism and OCD tendencies peak with Virgo’s judgmental eye. The day to day becomes more structured. Make a schedule. Don’t cut corners. Finish the job. Work becomes our priority. We are more efficient with our time. Strategy is everything when Virgo is involved.

Mars and Uranus trine the Moon giving a loving push to break bad habits.  We now have the determination and will to change our lives for the better.  Mars in Taurus grounds our new endeavors to keep a solid routine going. While Uranus in Aries causes final breakthroughs to occur. Whatever new patterns we set now are sure to stick under this influence.

Chiron moves into Aries in a quincunx to the Virgo Moon. Our direction now leads down a new path. We’ve had a course correction from the original destination. Chiron is newly in Aries until 2027 highlighting our identity “wound”. Who am I? Once we take off the labels, what is underneath? We could feel “unmasked”. Standing raw, naked, in our true essence. The “I Am Presence”. Chiron in Aries asks that we have the courage to show up as the person we wish to be. Leading us to step into our Authentic Self.

Mercury and Neptune in Pisces mirroring the Moon tells us to organize our thoughts.  Neptune never quite can keep it’s feet on the ground.  If we want our dreams to become reality, we must create a goal and follow it step by step. Set the vision, devise a plan, make it happen. Our intuition is peaking under this watery sign, we are feeling the impulse to listen to the deeper meaning. Mercury in Pisces can have our heads in the clouds. The Virgo Moon brings us back down to pinpoint exactly how to achieve the end result. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Center your focal point on the intention, this Moon will bring it into materialization.

Tara Jade Nichols
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