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With more than a decade of epic yoga retreat planning and facilitating experience, our hand-crafted retreats offer the traveling yogi a chance to take a back seat on planning to arrive and just be. We offer the classic yoga retreat focused on asana practice with always a bit of culture and fun planned into the trip. Beyond that we have evolved our yoga retreats to include a focus on Art and Food & Drink to round out the adventure experience. Below you will find all our best yoga retreats and locations. Please feel free to explore and choose the one that is calling to you. We are here to answer any questions you might have and to guide you along the way. We are looking forward to seeing you somewhere around the world very soon.


You can leave the planning to us! All the details have been taken care of for you so all you need to do is arrive and focus on you, your yoga practice, and your vacation. Our hand-picked destinations are based on their unique cultural expression, incredible landscapes, local food and drink, and of course the heart of any place, the people. We feel a very special connection to each and every location that we have on offer and are excited to share them with you!


Yoga classes are for all levels and everybody is welcome. One thing that is so great about our amazing yoga retreats is that you can come on your own without worry that you’ll be the ‘only one’. We have solo travelers join us all the time. Like-minded travelers tend to migrate to us so built-in travel buddies make it easy to come on your own or bring a friend or family member and still have plenty of new friends along on your adventure.
Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to ask for some guidance. We are always happy to connect with you!


Yoga, Food & Wine Retreat in Croatia

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Yoga Retreat in Cuba

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Cuban Art

Cuba Yoga + Art Retreat

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Create Your Own Retreat

Plan your own VIP experience

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El Cuyo, Yucatan

40 Hour Advanced Teacher Training

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El Cuyo

Yoga & Spa Retreat : El Cuyo, Mexico

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Holbox Island

Yoga Retreat in Holbox Island

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Istanbul Yoga + Art Retreat

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Yoga Retreat in Morocco

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Napa Valley Wine & Yoga Retreats

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Oaxaca Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Yoga Retreat Oaxaca, Mexico

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Yoga Retreat Patagonia

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Epic Yoga Retreat in Peru

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Yoga & Hiking Retreat Portugal

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Santorini Yoga Retreat

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