People to People Yoga Retreat in Cuba

Getting to Cuba couldn’t be easier with our amazing People to People Retreat yoga retreat. Americans can legally travel to Cuba with us under the general license of Support for the Cuban People and our People to People non-educational retreat licenses. Join us for an insiders look at history, art, culture, music, and expression from a local’s perspective. Practice amazing yoga, connect with yourself and those around you. Cuba is unique and one of our favorite travel places to date. Shape Magazine named our yoga retreat in Cuba ‘Best in the Caribbean’ for 2018. Join us for this unique adventure to find out why!

November 13 - 18, 2018 December 29, 2018 - January 5, 2019 January 22 - 27, 2019 February 12 - 17, 2019 February 26 - March 3, 2019 March 5 - 10, 2019 March 19 - 24, 2019 March 26 - 31, 2019 April 2 - 7, 2019 May 14 - 19, 2019 November 19 - 24, 2019

People to People Retreat in Cuba

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Legal travel to Cuba for US Citizens on our amazing yoga retreats in Havana and beyond! Cuba has become one of the locations nearest and dearest to our hearts over the past several years. The newly opened privatization of the island has blessed Havana and beyond with a deep expression of the underlying creative pulse that defines Cuba. It is our deepest desire to support this expansion for the Cuban people and to do all we can to help them grow as a culture and gain independence as a community.

Our yoga retreat in Cuba offer an insiders look at history, art, culture, music, and expression from a local’s perspective. Our itinerary is filled with Q&As with historians, art gallery and studio visits, yoga exchanges with local teachers and students in our classes, donations to local organizations working to aide families in need from natural disasters to economic hardships, and workshops in music and dance from Cuban Salsa to Ballet.

We’ll explore the city of Havana re-emerging as one of the hottest cultural centers in the world, loaded with rich history, incredible music, art, amazing food, charming people, and lots of soul with locals supporting locals.


Cuba Yoga Retreat Includes :


– 5 nights accommodations in a Casa Particular*

– Yoga practice daily as per the itinerary

– Breakfast daily in Casa Particular

– Donation offerings for families and working artists

– Salsa Music & Dancing Workshops at local dance school as per itinerary

– Beach clean up

– History walk and talk through Old Havana

– All dinners together as a group at private restaurants or at home

– Classic Car ride along the Malecon

– Day trip to Viñales to visit an artisinal Cigar Maker & Tobacco Farm followed by lunch at an ecological Farm-to-Table restaurant with garden walk and agricultural discussion

– Roundtrip airport transfers from Havana International Airport

** Gratuities for staff NOT INCLUDED but encouraged**

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*New Year’s Eve Yoga Retreat in Cuba includes :


– 7 nights accommodations in a Casa Particular

– Yoga practice daily

– Breakfast daily in Casa Particular

– Donation offerings for families and working artists

– Two 2 hour classes of Salsa Dancing Workshops at local dance school

– Two Beach clean up days

– Talk with local professor regarding Cuba’s history

– Day exploring Old Havana architecture

– Five dinners together as a group

– Special NYE dinner and champagne toast on the 31st

– Classic Car ride along the Malecon

– Day trip to Viñales to visit an artisinal Cigar Maker & Tobacco Farm followed by lunch at an ecological Farm-to-Table restaurant with garden walk and agricultural discussion

– Roundtrip airport transfers from Havana International Airport

** Gratuities for staff NOT INCLUDED but encouraged**

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Direct flights into Havana are available from several airports in the USA as well as most hubs abroad. Health insurance and a tourist visa is required by Cuba to enter the country and is available with the airline directly.  Please let us know if you have any questions about travel details.






These rooms have 1 king or queen bed with full bathroom ensuite.


King or Queen Bedroom $2,215usd private; $1,885usd shared bed per person


These rooms have 2 queen or 2 twin beds with full bathroom ensuite.

Queen or Twin Bed $1,885usd per person

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**You must provide your bedmate for this option. We do not pair strangers in the same bed but can pair roommates looking for a shared room or apartment.

Visas and Airfare to and from Havana are not included in these packages.


December 29 – January 5, 2019

7 nights accommodations*
Breakfast daily & 5 Dinners
Special NYE Dinner and Celebration
2 Salsa Classes
Day trip to a tobacco farm in Vinales
2 Beach Days
Walking History Tour of Old Havana
RT airport transfers



King or Queen Bedroom $2,620usd private; $2,265usd shared bed per person


Shared Doubles $2,265usd per person; Shared Triple $2,165usd per person

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*Venue for NYE will be different but similar. Details coming ASAP.

2019 retreat pricing :

all 2019 retreats will be in a beautiful new venue. details coming soon…



These rooms have 1 king or queen bed with full bathroom ensuite.

King or Queen Bedroom $2,150usd private; $1,950usd shared bed per person



These rooms have 2 queen or 2 twin beds with full bathroom ensuite.

Queen or Twin Bed $1,950usd per person



These rooms have 3 individual beds with full bathroom ensuite.

$1,895usd per person





 Arrival Transportation from Havana International Airport
3:00pm  Casa Particular in Vedado arrival and check-in
5pm  Organizing donations for distribution
6:30-8:30pm  Welcome circle & opening stretch
8:30pm  Dinner together as a group at our host house



8am Coffee, tea & fruit available
9-10:30am Yoga Practice together
10:45am  Breakfast at Casa Particular
1-3pm Salsa Dancing & Music workshop at local dance school
3:30-6:30pm Lunch (not included in pack) at La Guarida Restaurant with Cuban history discussion
6:30pm Classic Car rides back along the Malecon
9pm Dinner together



8am Coffee, tea & fruit available
8:30am Sorting donations and offerings
9-10:30am Yoga Practice together
10:45am  Breakfast
12pm Visit & donation drop at Caritas Cubana
2-5pm Beach Clean-up with local biologist & lunch included by local fishermen
6-7pm Visit working artist studio and deliver supplies to resident artists
9pm Dinner & gallery visit at La Fabrica de Arte Cubano



8am Coffee, tea & fruit available
9 – 10:30am Yoga Practice together
10:45am  Breakfast
1-3pm Salsa Dancing & Music workshop at local dance school
3:30-6:30pm Lunch (not included in pack) at O’Reily’s 304 El del Frente
8:30pm Dinner together at host house
10pm Optional Dance workshop with Cuban dance instructors



8am Coffee, tea & Breakfast
9am – 7pm Day trip to Viñales to learn about local agriculture. Visit a local tobacco farm, roll and sample a real Cuban cigar
Lunch at an ecological farm with guided tour of local plants and growth time tables for production as well as
discussions with Cuban farmers and produce sellers about cooperative farming and agricultural practices.
8pm Closing Circle & final stretch
9pm Dinner together at host house



8am Coffee, tea, fruit & breakfast available
Leave for HAVANA airport

*Please note that our Itinerary is subject to change as necessary according to circumstances and any unforeseen changes in our plans.  Our intention is to keep as close to this schedule as possible but this is Cuba and at times we could find ourselves at the mercy of the powers that be. We will adjust and accommodate as best as possible if this occurs. Havana operates on a later schedule which is why our days are running later than our typical retreat schedules.

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Casa Particulares are private homes that rent out a few rooms to travelers.  Staying in a Cuban home is an incredible way to get a real taste of the culture and to experience this Caribbean lifestyle. Our homes for the retreat are particularly charming and hosted by some amazing families.

HOST HOUSE for 2018*


Contact Us to Reserve

*Venue will be changing for NYE and 2019. Please stay tuned for some exciting news and updates!

all 2019 retreats will be in a beautiful new venue. details coming soon…


Payments :

Deposits* of $500usd are due to secure your space in the retreat.

The balance of your retreat (minus your $500usd initial deposit*) is due 60 days prior to arrival. All details for this will be emailed to the group two months before the retreat.

You may pay with a credit card via PayPal or you may choose a bank wire transfer or deposit to settle your balance. We also accept Bitcoin.


Please check availability with us for accommodations before making your $500usd deposit*

Roommates should book together. If you would like to share a room and do not have a roommate we will provide one for you if possible. In the case that there is no one to share a room we ask that you take a private economy room instead.

To make your deposit, please click the link below. You will be directed to

Please enter your retreat dates



Cancellations made within 60 days or less of arrival are 100% non refundable.

All initial deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please note that with the ever-changing policies with travel to Cuba we will adjust our Humanitarian trips as necessary to make it possible to carry out our retreats as planned. By making deposits towards your trip you accept the risk that alternative routes may become necessary in order to join. We will do all we can in order to assist you in your travel needs. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable in these cases. Thank you for your understanding.


The acceptance of a verbal or written confirmation from YOGA ADVENTURES WORLDWIDE (YAWW) constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions listed herein. Participants are responsible to be adequately insured, therefore Traveler’s Insurance is strongly recommended*. YAWW and its staff assume no responsibility nor liability for any delay, loss, damage, injury or accident with regards to persons or property which may be caused by fault or negligence of any third party vendor. This includes hotels, transportation providers, and local operators participating in part for our services. YAWW shall be held harmless for any expense caused by injury or accident, to any participants as well as any loss or damage of personal items while on our tours. We reserve the right to make any changes to services and itineraries, with or without notice, which may become necessary. YAWW are not to be held responsible for changes in itinerary beyond our control, this includes bad weather or hurricanes; any inconvenience or complication caused by a hurricane’s direct hit, near miss, or significant threat of a hurricane strike. There are no refunds due to flight cancellations or changes, strikes, labor disputes, lockouts, threats or acts of terrorism, acts of war or declared war.

We highly recommend that you purchase trip insurance to protect your investment. AIG offers Travel Guard at affordable rates. You will be asked if you have chosen to purchase insurance or declined at final balance due.

By submitting payments toward your retreat you accept these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the details of this retreat please feel free to contact us to set up a Skype conversation or to receive further info via email.


Our unique People to People Yoga Retreat in Cuba as captured by Anna Fishkin and edited by Reed Rickert of Modern Maya : Nomadic Media Collective


Some of our ‘intermediate’ salsa dancers showing their moves after a retreat.


An adorable short film about our adventures in Havana and beyond as created by our friends and local artists.

Travel Tips Guide

What to expect on your cuban adventure

Travel to Cuba for US Citizens is legal with our yoga retreat programs. We operate under the US Department of the Treasury, Division of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) People to People (non-educational) general license 515.565(b). This license allows us to travel as a group to Cuba and participate in a full schedule as outlined by the US government while we are in Cuba.

What exactly does ‘People to People’ mean? P2P is a category of license set up by the US gov’t that encourages connection between the people of Cuba and the people of the US (and beyond so don’t worry if you are from another place! It is really for everyone). This means we will only be directly supporting the Cuban people with our activities and plans while on the island.

Flights are available directly from the USA to Havana and are very affordable. We send you with all the legal documents you need to travel in and out of Cuba as required by US law.

Once travel plans have been made, regardless of any future changes in regulations you are still allowed to follow through with your original plans as they were when set in motion. That said, we do not anticipate any further setbacks in this area of the government.

You will travel to Havana with your own tourist visa just like any country. You purchase this on your own through your airline at the airport in the city in which you are flying into Havana from. Your airline can offer further guidance in this area. The visa costs between $30-50usd in addition to your flight (note that flying through Miami you’ll see a visa rate of $100usd so try to avoid that if at all possible). There is also a way to obtain your travel visa in advance online but shipping costs apply so it might not be cost effective to order in advance. Please contact your airline directly for options and pricing once you have your flights.

You are required to hold onto this visa throughout the duration of your time in Cuba as they ask for it on your departure from the country. There are no departure taxes leaving Cuba.

Please feel free to contact us with any other specific questions or concerns you have regarding travel. We are here to set your mind at ease and help you in any way possible. We have been running retreats in Cuba for more than three years now with much consistency and have not had any problems thus far whatsoever and do not anticipate any to come.


Please plan to bring a duffle or suitcase full of items to be donated to children, women, men, and families in need in Havana. Plan to bring a variety of items of clothing (remember the climate is hot and hotter but chilly in winter so a hoodie and long pants also could serve especially this time of year), toys, books (in Spanish if you can find them or basic workbooks in English), hygiene products, underclothes, and any other items you feel appropriate or that you have to offer. Sizes can range from babies to teens, both boy and girl please as well as adult clothing and other items that you may have around. If you have items in your own closet that you can forego feel free to add those in.  Think basics as those tend to be the most treasured.  Last time I was there white sheets and towels were being suggested as they are hard to come by as well as clothes hangers and wax for marble! It’s the little things I guess…so if any of those are overflowing from your cabinets feel free to toss them into your bags!

We also will be supporting local artists with hard to get supplies so please drop by your local art store or your own studio and pick up oil paint tubes. A variety of brushes, palettes, and canvas rolls if you can fit them into your suitcase (you could roll up some canvas and fit it inside your yoga mat or fold up both when packing.  They can iron out the creases later!)  These are a few suggestions.  We will separate them out on opening night and distribute them throughout our stay. We are very close with a leader in the Cuban art community who will accept our offerings and distribute them as needed throughout the city and beyond.

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity. Keeping in mind the recent hurricane that pummeled the island, Caritas Cubana the organization we work with on the ground distributes their accumulated donations across the island far and wide to reach those most in need.


Getting online in Cuba is tricky. If you need to check in there is a place you can do so a couple blocks away at a hotel. You need to get a scratch off card from a guy on the corner (hopefully he is around) and enter it into your phone or computer. Bringing a laptop seems excessive so I think it’s best to embrace the idea that you are literally ‘offline’ and enjoy that. It’s kind of fabulous and freeing!

In case of any emergency have your people send an email to us with URGENT in the subject and we will get the message to you. Also we have a Cuban cell phone if you or your people need to reach me directly there.


Cuba operates on 2 currencies: CUC, the Cuban Convertible Peso which is for tourists and the Cuban Peso which is for national use only (though this is slowly changing to one currency and we will update you in the group email a few weeks prior to the trip with any changes to this).

You should bring USD or if you can get EUROS from your local bank it might be a better exchange rate as they take 10% of US Dollars when exchanging. There is an exchange desk at the airport in Havana (one inside upstairs and one outside when you exit from customs) and also a place to exchange cash a few blocks away from the host house in Vedado if the airport lines are long. Upon arrival at the host house, we can point you in the right direction to exchange your money if they have not closed. You will need your passport to make these transactions.

Your airport transfer is included in the package so you won’t need any cash until later. If the line is short at the airport and you want to exchange cash just let your driver know and he will wait for you to do so!
Please keep in mind that exchanging money bit by bit is ideal so you don’t have to change it back when we leave.

For Americans, your bank card will not work in Cuba (and shouldn’t be used anyway) so you want to make sure to bring enough money with you. Cuba is not as inexpensive as you might think so plan to spend what you would in say Manhattan or San Francisco daily for food and other purchases.  With that in mind you’ll have enough and likely go home with some cash.


I first encountered Christina and Yoga Adventures Worldwide in October 2015 when I attended the retreat in Morocco.  Leading up the retreat I had a million questions and requests and Christina never hesitated to answer them and assist where she could, always with a friendly and enthusiastic mail (even though I think I must have been driving her crazy).  I had an amazing time in Morocco, Christina planned everything to perfection.  The accommodation was magnificent, the day trips where well thought out and well organised.  And of course the yoga was incredible!  After the retreat I knew I would definitely see her again and now my next adventure with Yoga Adventures Worldwide is in Cuba.  Again Christina has effortlessly assisted with every request, concern and travel arrangements.

I highly recommend booking your next yoga retreat with Yoga Adventures Worldwide and have no doubt that you will find Christina the perfect host.

Elise V. Johannesburg, South Africa

Yoga Adventures WorldWide – Havana, Cuba is a life-changing experience.  From the beginning, Christina provided everything we needed to stay informed and prepared for this trip.  Christina cares so much, and it truly comes out in the way she runs her programs.  She arranged our travel and accommodations in Cuba as well as offered a diverse travel itinerary – allowing for a truly relaxing and inspiring experience.

Our hosts were incredibly helpful and warm and contributed to our local Cuba experience.  Nina, as always, offered a grounding and spiritual yoga environment for us to practice in – which really balanced our other time exploring the city, the culture, swimming in the ocean, enjoying the nightlife, and even learning how to salsa dance.

This trip is a gift that keeps giving.  It has opened my eyes and heart to a new beautiful country and culture all while cultivating a seamless experience that combines yoga,  life-long friendships, amazing food and music, and memories I will always hold close to my heart.  Thank you, Christina and Nina for an extraordinary experience.  I so look forward to future adventures with you!


Julia K. Portland, OR USA

As per usual– thank you for envisioning, coordinating and executing such an amazing experience. Cuba remains mostly untouched by the corporate arm that sustains and controls most of the world. To immerse in a city (Havana) of nearly 2 million people who never ask, “where’s Starbucks?” or “what’s the wifi code?” (A personal favorite and somewhat shameful question of mine) and to see them operate by interpersonal connection in a way we used to before text and constant access, was refreshing and offered me perspective while reminding me— there is always another way.

Kiran’s story in relation to his son about experience over objects really stuck with me this trip– as I’m sure it did you. Sure, we are fortunate to have many nice things, but the experiences and the relationships we have built are what truly touch us deeply. Being in Cuba and utilizing the connections you developed and allowed us to share gave me the opportunity to see, understand, question, and learn about Cuban culture in a way I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I am so grateful that you have facilitated this type of unique experience in places around the world. You model a way for people to get to know the people who ARE the cities we visit. Also, being part of The YAWW family has allowed me to make lifelong friends out of strangers again and again. I feel like the richest woman in the world! I’m a #YAWW woman loud and proud! Where to next??


Aimee M. Los Angeles, CA USA

“When I met Wendy in Cuba, I had been suffering from 5 weeks of extreme digestive pain and insomnia. I had gone through rigorous medical testing and it seemed that the only rational cause was stress. Throughout the five days of yoga practice with her, my pain went away and I enjoyed deeply restive sleep. Wendy’s style of yoga teaching helped to restore my health plus the setting and the retreat itself were spectacular! Can’t wait to go on another yoga adventure with these ladies!”

–Desiree B., Boston MA, USA

“Cuba was just what I needed and I was so refreshed and full of life when I got back! I can’t thank you enough for everything! It was absolutely amazing and the best time!”

–Jenny G., Tampa FL, USA