Yoga Retreat Iceland


The land of fire and ice awaits


Iceland is nature’s ultimate playground, and what better way to experience its mystical landscapes than through a transformative yoga retreat? Our journey will take you from the soothing, geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon to the bustling vibes of Reykjavik, through the iconic Golden Circle, and right up to the awe-inspiring Vatnajökull Glacier. Your daily yoga practices will serve as an enriching backdrop to this adventure, allowing you to connect deeper with yourself and the beauty around you.

We’ll head south along the Ring Road, staying at unique accommodations that capture the heart and soul of Iceland. With a well-paced itinerary, you’ll never feel rushed, giving you plenty of time to take in the landscapes that look like they’ve been plucked straight out of a fairy tale. Think steaming hot springs, expansive glaciers, and maybe—just maybe—a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights if we’re lucky!

Imagine ending your days of exploration with a soulful yoga session, sumptuous Icelandic cuisine, and the camaraderie of like-minded adventurers. This retreat is happening during the perfect time of the year when the temperatures are bearable, and the skies are dark enough for a potential Northern Lights sighting—fingers crossed, indeed!

Join us for this epic Icelandic adventure that promises not just incredible vistas and activities, but also an opportunity for self-discovery and rejuvenation. It’s an experience that’ll resonate with your soul long after you’ve returned home.


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Experience the breathtaking wonder that is Iceland.

Our unique yoga retreat in Iceland…it’s difficult to describe the overwhelming beauty of this incredible landscape that is this beautiful country. Each vista offers a new trick for the senses, a spark for the creative, and a thrill for the adventurer. We will explore this vibrant land as a moving retreat in order to see some of the incredible features of this unique country (and to spend less time tracking back and forth in the car!).

Our Yoga retreat in Iceland will take you to the famous Blue Lagoon for some pampering time in the waters, along the Golden Circle route with a foodies dream to sample local cuisine and what Icelandic Farm-to-table life is about. We will visit the famous Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir along the way.  We will have a free day to explore the adorable city of Reykjavik to check out how Icelanders live and express themselves, we’ll travel to the Black Beach, take a hike on the Vatnajökull Glacier to witness its beauty and learn of its power and we will of course keep our fingers crossed that the Icelandic Trolls and Elves help us to catch a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights at least one night!

This yoga retreat is unique for us as we will be moving to explore deeper into the culture and the country and to allow us a more relaxed schedule and less car time backtracking around the island. For this we ask that you pack light and are up for a true adventure that only a special place like Iceland can provide. Check over our Travel Tips Guide for more on this form of travel.

Our trip to Iceland is quite extraordinary and we hope you’ll join us on the trip of a lifetime to this incredible land of Fire & Ice.

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Iceland Yoga Retreat includes

6 nights at our cuba yoga retreat

– 8 nights in lovely accommodations as we travel along the South Ring Road

– Daily breakfast buffet of local cuisine

– 6 Dinners together (3 courses of local fare; alcohol is on your own;
two dinners are on your own)

– Yoga daily as per Itinerary

– Transportation around the countryside

– Blue Lagoon experience including Silica Mud Mask

– Golden Circle & Food Tour excursion with unique tastings, Geysir, Gulfoss Falls, and special stops

– Free day to visit the capital city of Reykjavik

– A stop at the black beaches of Vik

– Guided day hike on Europe’s largest glacier

– Glacier Lagoon visit and amphibian boat ride into the lagoon; Diamond Beach

– Chances to see the Northern Lights if the Icelandic trolls allow

– Waterfalls galore

– Visit an Icelandic horse farm and take a ride with these beauties (weather permitting)

– All taxes and gratuities for meals are included

What’s not included :

– Airfare & airport transfers
– Alcohol
– Two dinners
– All lunches
– Travel insurance
– Optional extras and shopping

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8 night yoga retreat in Iceland itinerary


Arrive and settle into accommodations; Spa time and lunch available OYO
5:30-7:30pm Opening circle and Yoga Practice
8pm Opening dinner together

Day Two :

7am Coffee and snack available
8-9:15am Yoga Practice
9:30am Breakfast
12:30-5pm Experience the Blue Lagoon geothermal waters
6-7pm Yoga Practice
8pm Dinner together

Day Three :

8-9:15am Breakfast
9:30am – 7pm Golden Circle & Food Tour adventure (try geo-thermally brewed beer too)
Dinner on your own

Day Four :

7am Coffee and snack available
7:45-9:15am Yoga Practice
9:30am Breakfast
Free day to explore Reykjavik; see the sights, street art, shopping
Dinner on your own

Day Five :

7am Coffee and snack available
8-9am Yoga Practice
9:15am Breakfast
10:30am-2pm Travel to Vik
2-4pm Visit Black Beach; lunch on your own
4-6pm Travel to Hoff; new hotel check-in
6:30pm Cocktail Hour optional
8pm Dinner together

Day Six :

7am Coffee and snack available
8-9:15am Yoga Practice
9:30am Breakfast
Lunch on your own
1-5pm Guided Glacier Hike
6pm Happy Hour optional
8pm Dinner together

Day Seven :

7am Coffee and snack available
8-9:15am Yoga Practice
9:30am Breakfast
11am-12:30pm Glacier Lagoon amphibian boat ride; check out Diamond Beach
12:30-1:45pm Travel towards Hella
2pm Lunch along the way (oyo)
3:30-4:30pm Visit Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon
4:30-6:30pm Travel towards Hella
6:30pm Arrive Icelandic Horse Farm & check in to Turf House accommodations
7:30pm Dinner together

Day Eight :

7am Coffee and snack available
8-9:15am Yoga Practice
9:30am Breakfast
12-1pm Icelandic Horse ride along the river (weather permitting)
2:30-3pm Travel to Selfoss
3-4pm Lunch in Selfoss on your own
4-5pm Travel to Grindavik; hotel check-in (same as first 5 nights)
6-7:30pm Closing circle & final yoga practice
8pm Dinner together

Day Nine :

7am Breakfast available

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Our Iceland Yoga Retreat is traveling!

Our first 4 nights and final night in Iceland will be enjoyed at a lovely and unique hotel close to the airport, Reykjavik, and the Blue Lagoon. With two spaces for yoga, an incredible restaurant with views, and its own proper spa you will enjoy several nights relaxing as you settle in from travel.


Rooms can accommodate singles or shared doubles and triples in individual beds. We can pair you with roommates if you’re looking for a more affordable accommodation. We really won’t be inside our rooms very much!


Take your time to enjoy the spa services downstairs. Saunas, massages, and a tranquil room are all available for your enjoyment.

Our hotel’s restaurant is really a treat, from breakfast to dinner there are options for everyone. Icelandic fish and lamb are famous and try for yourself their famous desserts Skyr and here we have frozen Sangria as well!

Nights 5 & 6 we will hit the South Ring Road and travel towards the Vatnajökull glacier for our hiking excursion and glacier lagoon experience. The scenery along the way is spectacular with waterfalls, landscape changes, rainbows, and tons of animals along the open road. Truly a treat for the senses as we travel.


Not only does our stop-over offer convenience, this hotel is super stylish with amazing interiors and chic design. Happy hour is not to be missed with unique mixologists on the case and a sweet spot to wind down after a day on the ice!


Rooms for private or shared occupancy in sleek and stylish accommodations will be our home base for a few nights.

I’ve never had a bad meal in Iceland and we choose our hotels with food in mind. Dinners and breakfasts included on this stop will be plentiful and delicious. Most ingredients on the menu are grown and raised right on the island free-range and organic.


And for our second to last night on our way back to the first hotel and the airport we will stay in a very unique and special traditional turf guesthouse on an Icelandic horse farm just outside the town of Hella.


Our yoga practice will be in the stables and we will take an hour horseback ride by the river following class. No experience is necessary and there are tons of animals to love on at the farm if riding horses isn’t your thing! But these gorgeous, gentle creatures are well trained and relaxed for all types of riders.

We will finish the retreat back where we started near the airport for the closing circle and one last amazing meal together.

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Iceland Yoga Retreat Pricing

Shared Accomodations :
Shared Double Rooms :

$5,995usd per person

These rooms have 2 individual beds with full bathroom en-suite. Please see our Accommodations page for more details. Please note that beds will be separated for your stay. You may sign up for a space in a shared room and we will pair travelers together as needed in shared rooms.

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Private Accommodations :


Private Rooms :

$6,995usd Single Occupancy

$5,995usd per person Shared bed

These rooms have 1 double bed with full bathroom en-suite. Please see our Accommodations page for more details.

**Please note that for one night we will have special and unique accommodations in a traditional turf house on a horse farm where the group will sleep Icelandic style for the night in individual beds. There is no option for a private space for this night.**

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Iceland Yoga Retreat

Reservations :

Deposits* of $1,000usd are due to secure your space in the retreat.

The balance of your retreat (minus your $1,000usd initial deposit*) is due 90 days prior to arrival. All details for this will be emailed to the group three months before the retreat.


Please check availability with us for accommodations before making your $1,000usd deposit*

Roommates should book together. If you would like to share a room and do not have a roommate we will provide one for you if possible. Due to Covid regulations, we are unable to pair guests in shared rooms unless both are comfortable assuming the associated risks. In the case that there is no one to share a room we ask that you take a private economy room instead.

Please use the button below to submit your deposit.

Room Preference
Message :


The balance of your retreat (minus your $1,000usd initial deposit*) is due 90 days prior to arrival. All details for this will be emailed to the group three months before the retreat.

You may pay with a credit card via PayPal, a bank wire transfer, Zelle, or deposit a check into our bank account to settle your balance. We also accept Bitcoin. We understand how much fees blow…though some of these options do incur a fee that will be passed on to you. Please see the itemized list below.


PayPal = Pay using your credit card. 4% fee is applied.

Bank Wire = Pay online with a wire. Please add $20usd to your total for wire fee.

Zelle or dropping a check into our Chase account = No charge to pay with this method. Daily limits apply with Zelle.

Bitcoin = Modern payment methods in cryptocurrency. Any transaction fees your wallet requires are applied.

Please let us know your preferred method of payment and we will send you the appropriate information right away.



Cancellations made within 90 days or less of arrival are 100% non refundable. All initial deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.


The acceptance of a verbal or written confirmation from YOGA & ADVENTURES WORLDWIDE (Y&AWW) constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions listed herein. Participants are responsible to be adequately insured, therefore Traveler’s Insurance is strongly recommended*. Y&AWW and its staff assume no responsibility nor liability for any delay, loss, damage, injury or accident with regards to persons or property which may be caused by fault or negligence of any third party vendor. This includes hotels, transportation providers, and local operators participating in part for our services. Y&AWW shall be held harmless for any expense caused by injury or accident, to any participants as well as any loss or damage of personal items while on our tours. We reserve the right to make any changes to services and itineraries, with or without notice, which may become necessary.

Yoga & Adventures Worldwide, its affiliates, retreat facilitators, hotels, third party vendors, and tour providers, the ownership, or staff, of course, cannot be held responsible for events that are outside of our control. There are no refunds as per our cancellation policies. We highly recommend that all of our guests secure a quality travel insurance that will cover them for ANY event which may cause for a change of travel plans, or for ANY unfortunate event including but of course not limited to:

– Transportation delays, cancellations or changes due to strikes, labor disputes, or lockouts from airlines, boats, ferries or any type of transportation
– Any inconvenience or complication caused by bad weather, storms, and hurricanes : a direct hit, near miss, or significant threat of a hurricane strike
– Government/political actions, events or situations; threats or acts of terrorism, acts of war or declared war.
– Personal health issues or personal situations in general which may affect travel plans
– Any loss, theft or damage of personal items at any stage of your trip
– Any accident causing injury during any stage of your trip
– Travel restrictions or illness associated with COVID-19.


All travelers may join our retreats “at your own risk”, but should continue to take precautions such as wearing masks in public, avoiding crowds, maintaining social distance and washing hands frequently. Any Covid testing will be determined by the countries through which the traveler must pass. All testing requirements are at the travelers expense and are not included in our packages. Please stay up to date with current travel related requirements.

We are not able to refund payments or extend credits due to complications in travel, rescheduling or closings due to Covid-19 therefore we recommend that you cover yourself and your trip at the link below. We also recommend that you consider Trip Cancellation insurance in case of any unforeseen issues. Agents are available online to help with your specific needs.

Cover your retreat here!

In addition to travel insurance, we require that you are covered with medical insurance while on retreat. Please check your health insurance policy regarding treatment outside your home country in the rare case you would need care while away from home. We recommend and use IMG Travel Medical Insurance to cover us around the globe. Please consult with the agent to make sure the plan you choose covers medical care in the country you are visiting. We will ask for proof of medical insurance prior to the retreat.

By submitting payments toward your retreat you accept these Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the details of this retreat please feel free to contact us to set up a call or to receive further info via email.


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Travel Tips Guide

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what you can expect from our Yoga Retreat in Iceland

We have decided to make this retreat longer than most of our retreats in order to experience as much of the country as possible that feels comfortable while traveling with a group and also making time to absorb the landscapes and the culture. We will spend 8 nights in the southwest of Iceland exploring from the Blue Lagoon to the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon.

Our first 4 nights will be at the same hotel near Grindavik, our next 2 nights will be spent at a hotel near the Vatnajökull glacier. Night number 7 will be spent at a unique and traditional turf house on an Icelandic horse farm near the town of Hella where we will pile into individual beds and spend the night like local families in this traditional construction meant to manage the cold using natural insulation. The final night of the retreat will be enjoyed back where we started at the same hotel as our first 4 nights about 20 minutes from the Keflavik International Airport.

How to pack for this adventure :

Iceland’s weather changes literally from minute to minute. You will experience sunshine, rain, fog, wind, rainbows, and dramatic changes in scenery and landscape every few miles. The best way to plan your wardrobe for October in Iceland is to dress in layers. We recommend at least one thin layer underneath your sweater and pants, thick winter socks, winter boots, warm scarf, gloves and a warm hat that covers your neck and ears, and a warm (preferably waterproof) winter coat. Packing a rain jacket or waterproof outer layer would be prudent for getting close to waterfalls and for any sightseeing where we encounter rain. Keep in mind that we will be both outside in the cold and inside warm restaurants so layers are key to staying comfortable.

We will be taking a guided hike on the Vatnajökull glacier which is the largest and most voluminous in Iceland and one of the largest in area in Europe. This experience is for all levels, you just need to have warm clothes as mentioned above and hard hiking boots (if you don’t have them you can rent them from the outfitter for around $10usd). Crampons and a pickax will be provided.

Yoga mats are NOT provided on this trip so please make sure to bring one along. I find that folding mine in quarters at the bottom of my suitcase is the most efficient way to travel as a yogi. If you use blocks in your practice please bring those along as well. We will provide straps during the retreat classes as needed. Yoga attire as usual for winter weather with a hoodie or sweater will suffice.

Icelandic tap water is some of the most delicious water I’ve tasted! It comes out freezing cold and is served freely at restaurants. Make sure you bring a reusable water bottle to fill and stay hydrated during our retreat (and to fill up from the top of the glacier!!).

Don’t forget to pack a bathing suit for the Blue Lagoon. Towels are provided. You can upgrade to a robe and slipper package as well as add spa services in advance or onsite if you like.

While this sounds like a lot of gear and clothing, most of it you will have on your person during the retreat. We ask that you only bring a medium size suitcase with you on the retreat so we can easily fit everyone’s luggage into the vans as we move from our first hotel to the others and back again. Timing will be critical when we are on the move so being able to get yourself packed up and ready to go with ease is optimal. There are plenty of places to buy something warmer in Iceland if you need it (but make sure you have your credit card handy because that Icelandic wool is gorgeous AND expensive!)

What’s up with the Northern Lights?

We wish we could guarantee that we’ll see the Aurora Borealis spectacle every night but it’s virtually impossible to promise. There are many factors that need to be in place in order for the lights to be visible from the land. That said we have chosen the optimal timing to be in Iceland in order to have the chance to experience this natural phenomenon. From end of August to mid-April there is night time in the country and the lights could make their appearance if several key factors are in place; strong solar activity, clear skies, and darkness without light pollution.

While green is the most prominent color for the Northern Lights there are others that we might be able to see :

Green: Particles collide with oxygen at 90-200 km height. This is the most common color as the eye is also the most sensitive to the color green.
Dark Red: Particles collide with oxygen at a height more than 200 km. Dark red colors are most often seen the highest in the lights caused by electronically charged molecules that have excited the oxygen atom.
Bright Red: Nitrogen within 90 km. A common color when the solar winds get strong and very charged electrons excite the molecules.
Purple & Blue: Active Nitrogen.
Pink & Yellow When red and green lights mix together.

Icelanders have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the activity levels of the lights and when and where the best chances are to see them. We will have our hotels alert us when there are lights and you will have the option to have a look out your window or venture into the night to see them dance overhead.

If you are interested in optimally capturing the Northern Lights with your camera there are some tips below to help if you can take your eyes off them long enough to set your equipment up!

  • Put the camera on the tripod, take filters off of any and turn off the no shake
  • ISO should be adjusted to 800-3200.
  • The diaphragm should be as big as the lens provides.
  • Shutter speed should be 4-15 seconds.
  • White Balance adjusted to auto white balance
  • Take extra batteries with you, because it will empty fast in the cold.
  • Flashlight if possible so you can see what you are doing while adjusting the settings on the camera.

How much money should i bring along?

Iceland operates on their own currency called Krona which at time of writing was about $1usd to 150kr so 3,000kr is about 20usd. You will be able to use your credit and debit cards nearly everywhere on the island as well as have access to ATMS in both the airport on arrival and in Reykjavik when you have free time in the city on day 4. I would encourage you to have a little cash for snacks, lunch items, and any shopping you’d like to do but typically your card will work and it’s better to not have to convert currency back if it can be avoided so you don’t lose money in the transactions.

Please keep in mind that Iceland is EXPENSIVE. Everything they consume has to either be carefully and specially grown in the country or shipped in from other countries around Europe and their price tags reflect that. You can expect a glass of delicious wine to run you around $20usd and a gorgeous Icelandic wool sweater to be anywhere from $250usd to $400usd depending on quality and design.

how long will we be in the van?

From the airport to our first hotel of 4 nights near Grindavik the drive is approximately 20 minutes door to door.

The Blue Lagoon is 10 minutes from our hotel.

The Golden Circle & Food Tour excursion that we will enjoy on Day 3 is a full day in and out of the car from 9:30am to 7/8pm.

From our first hotel to Reykjavik the drive is about 45 minutes each way.

The drive from Grindavik to Hof where we spend 2 nights is 4.5 hours in the car with stops along the way to see the black beach in Vik, have lunch, and likely a few stops for checking out waterfalls and rainbows too.

The drive from our hotel in Hof to the glacier and glacier lagoon is about 30 minutes each way.

The drive from Hof to Hella and the turf house and horse farm is approximately 3 hours.

Our final drive from Hella back to Grindavik is 1.5 hours.

Returns to the airport from our first and last hotel again is 20 minutes.

We have tried our best to space out the trip and to condense the driving into sections so there is plenty of time between being on the road and being in the van. Yoga will also help with that!

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