Lush Life Retreat w. Sohail

potentially the last chance for americans to travel to cuba!

make your provisional deposit* by May 22 to ensure your EPIC adventure.

Are you ready to experience the lushness of life?

Looking for a yoga retreat that will change the way you live your life? The LUSH LIFE Retreat will help you to uncover your truest passions and foster relationships of deep intimacy. It’s all about creating a life where we do the things we love, surrounded by people we love. And we don’t have to make revolutions in our life to get it, small enhancements can have big impacts. Every day of the retreat, we blend proven workshop experiences with curated excursions around Havana to experience the lushness of life. We’ll cover how to uncover passions and live them, how to create relationships of deep intimacy, how to expand your concept of yourself, and the role of spirituality to help everything. This immersive retreat will give you insights to enhance all aspects of your life – from career to relationships to wellness.




*A special provisional deposit of $150usd will be accepted by May 22 as a way to ‘set the wheels of your Cuba trip in motion’. Historically when any policy changes have been made the US government has honored travel of any American that has already made payments toward their trip. Airlines will still be flying to the island supposedly through the end of their contracts with the US government. IF anything is different and travel is banned we will refund your provisional deposit in full, but hopefully this will not be the case! Please be brave and join us for these epic adventures to Cuba to SUPPORT THE CUBAN PEOPLE! They need it now more than ever…


A LUSH LIFE is one where all the senses are stimulated, where we dig into the juiciness of all life has to offer, where we understand our dynamic nature, accept ourselves and free ourselves to dance with life. Come let the art, music, dance, food, and sunshine of Havana revitalize and awaken all aspects of who you are as a creative and sensual being. This is an immersive retreat that weaves artistry, adventure, self-understanding, and intimacy into a memorable experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Every day of the retreat, we focus on different senses – blending proven workshop exercises and tools with curated excursions around Havana, enabling you to practice what you are learning in a real-life way. This immersive retreat will give you insights to enhance all aspects of your life – from career to relationships to wellness

Sohail Coelho is an executive coach, intuitive healer, Reiki master, artist, and speaker. He helps visionary individuals and purpose-driven companies to catalyze meaningful change through self-understanding and creativity. Born in India, growing up around New York City, living there for over 15 years, journeying all over the world and currently living between Berlin and Barcelona has given him a global perspective. He guides people into deeper inner-intimacy to develop self-understanding as a way to ultimately transcend yourself and live a creative, meaningful life. His workshops are playful and intimate involving music, movement, community, shamanic visualizations, and written exercises.

This retreat falls under the US Department of the Treasury, Division of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Support for the Cuban People (non-educational) general license 515.574. This license allows US citizens to travel with us as a group to Cuba and participate in a full schedule as outlined by the US government while we are in Cuba. You can read more in our Travel Tips Guide below about travel to Cuba.

Photo : Ed Shelley Norn Barcelona


The Lush Life Retreat Includes :


– 5 nights accommodations in a Casa Particular

– Daily workshops with Sohail creating your Lush Life

– Morning movement practice (yoga, meditation, silent walks)

– Breakfast daily in Casa Particular

– 4 dinners together as a group (1 dinner on your own)

– Donation offerings for families and working artists

– Two hour Salsa Dancing Workshop at a local dance school

– Beach day with lunch included

– Hemingway Tour with local guide (lunch not included)

– Classic Convertible Car ride along the Malecon

– Day trip to Viñales to visit an artisanal Cigar Maker & Tobacco Farm followed by lunch at an ecological Farm-to-Table restaurant with garden walk and agricultural discussion (lunch included)

– Roundtrip airport transfers from Havana International Airport


What’s not included :

– Airfare, tourist visa, and health insurance
– Alcohol
– 2 lunches & 1 dinner
– Travel insurance
– Extras
– Staff Gratuities

Direct flights into Havana are available from several airports in the USA as well as most hubs abroad. Health insurance and a tourist visa is required by Cuba to enter the country and is available with the airline directly.  Please let us know if you have any questions about travel details.





Private 1,995 Euro; Shared bed* 1,895 Euro
1 Double Bed with private bathroom ensuite.

*Shared bed options you must provide your own bedmate.


Double Bed  1,895 Euro  +  Twin Bed  1,850 Euro
Private bathroom ensuite.

We can provide roommates looking for shared accommodations together.


All rooms are part of a beautiful Colonial style home in the neighborhood called Vedado which is close to a variety of restaurants, bars, nightlife, and art galleries.



DAY ONE  : Arrive

Arrival Transportation from Havana International Airport
3:00pm  Casa Particular in Vedado arrival and check-in
6pm  Organizing donations for distribution
6:30-8:30pm  Welcome circle & opening stretch; workshop overview and approach
8:30pm  Dinner together as a group at our host house

 DAY TWO : All About You

8am Coffee, tea & fruit available
9-9:30am Morning Movement : Vinyasa Flow
9:30-11am Workshop: A journey of self-discovery that will expand the concept of who you are, uncovering hidden aspects of self, creating the foundations for self-love and self-acceptance. Guided meditations and written exercises.
11am Breakfast
1-3pm Salsa Dancing workshop with local instructors
3:30pm Lunch in Havana Vieja (together not included)
5pm Classic Car rides back along the Malecon
Optional Happy Hour
8:30pm Dinner at home

DAY THREE : Passions

8am Coffee, tea & fruit available
9-9:30am Morning Movement : Silent Walking Meditation
9:30-10:15am Workshop: We learn about the erotic force that is the desire to connect with life, we uncover our passions – both of pleasure and passions of purpose, our truest soul callings. We understand the role of spirituality to give us access to the wisdom that exists in our hearts. We learn how to integrate passions into the existing structure of our lives.
10:30am  Breakfast
12:30-4pm Guided Hemingway tour outside of the city; Lunch by the water (not included)
Happy Hour at home
Dinner on your own

DAY FOUR : Relationships

8am Coffee, tea & fruit available
9-9:30am Morning Movement : Partner Postures
9:45am  Breakfast
11:30am-4pm Beach Time with Workshop: A session around how to open the heart, how to deepen intimacy in our lives in order to build relationships of real depth and meaning. A session involving music, light movement and guided meditations.
4:30-8:30pm Optional Healing Massages at home/Optional Happy Hour
8:30pm Dinner together at home
10pm Optional night out at La Fabrica de Arte Cubano

DAY FIVE : Crafting A Life Vision

8am Coffee, tea & Breakfast & Adventure Intention Setting: how to heighten awareness to consciously taste life
9– 6pm Day trip to Viñales to learn about local agriculture. Visit a local tobacco farm, roll and sample a real Cuban cigar. Lunch at an ecological farm with guided tour of local plants and growth timetables for production as well as discussions with Cuban farmers and produce sellers about cooperative farming and agricultural practices.
7pm Closing Circle Workshop See Yourself & Live the Lush Life: We take everything we have learned across the days and weave it together into a broader concept of what life could look like when we are nourishing our passions and creating relationships of deep intimacy. Activity: make art that brings embodies this LUSH LIFE (bring a favorite magazine, any images you love, and/or embellishments to create a little art piece
8:30pm Final Dinner together at home

DAY SIX: Departure

8am Coffee, tea & breakfast available
Departure for the airport




Casa Particulares are private homes that rent out a few rooms to travelers.  Staying in a Cuban home is an incredible way to get a real taste of the culture and to experience this Caribbean lifestyle. Our homes for the retreat are particularly charming and hosted by amazing families. Each house we choose is unique and we are sure you’ll love the experience of staying in a Cuban home!




Payments :


*A special provisional deposit of $150usd will be accepted by May 22 as a way to ‘set the wheels of your Cuba trip in motion’. Historically when any policy changes have been made the US government has honored travel of any American that has already made payments toward their trip. Airlines will still be flying to the island supposedly through the end of their contracts with the US government. IF anything is different and travel is banned we will refund your provisional deposit in full, but hopefully this will not be the case! Please be brave and join us for these epic adventures to Cuba to SUPPORT THE CUBAN PEOPLE! They need it now more than ever…

Deposits* of $150usd are due to secure your space in the retreat.

The balance of your retreat (minus your $150usd initial deposit*) is due in cash in Euro in Havana. All details for this will be emailed to the group two weeks before the retreat. You can order Euros from your local bank branch or most of the time they have them in stock if you call in advance.

You may pay with a credit card via PayPal or you may choose a bank wire transfer or deposit to settle your balance. We also accept Bitcoin.


Please check availability with us for accommodations before making your $150usd deposit*

Roommates should book together. If you would like to share a room and do not have a roommate we will provide one for you if possible. In the case that there is no one to share a room we ask that you take a private economy room instead.

To make your deposit, please click the link below. You will be directed to

Please enter your retreat dates



Cancellations made within 60 days or less of arrival are 100% non refundable.

All initial deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please note that with the ever-changing policies with travel to Cuba we will adjust our Humanitarian trips as necessary to make it possible to carry out our retreats as planned. By making deposits towards your trip you accept the risk that alternative routes may become necessary in order to join. We will do all we can in order to assist you in your travel needs. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable in these cases. Thank you for your understanding.


The acceptance of a verbal or written confirmation from YOGA ADVENTURES WORLDWIDE (YAWW) constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions listed herein. Participants are responsible to be adequately insured, therefore Traveler’s Insurance is strongly recommended*. YAWW and its staff assume no responsibility nor liability for any delay, loss, damage, injury or accident with regards to persons or property which may be caused by fault or negligence of any third party vendor. This includes hotels, transportation providers, and local operators participating in part for our services. YAWW shall be held harmless for any expense caused by injury or accident, to any participants as well as any loss or damage of personal items while on our tours. We reserve the right to make any changes to services and itineraries, with or without notice, which may become necessary. YAWW are not to be held responsible for changes in itinerary beyond our control, this includes bad weather or hurricanes; any inconvenience or complication caused by a hurricane’s direct hit, near miss, or significant threat of a hurricane strike. There are no refunds due to flight cancellations or changes, strikes, labor disputes, lockouts, threats or acts of terrorism, acts of war or declared war.

We highly recommend that you purchase trip insurance to protect your investment. AIG offers Travel Guard at affordable rates. You will be asked if you have chosen to purchase insurance or declined at final balance due.

By submitting payments toward your retreat you accept these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the details of this retreat please feel free to contact us to set up a Skype conversation or to receive further info via email.




Our unique People to People Yoga Retreat in Cuba as captured by Anna Fishkin and edited by Reed Rickert of Modern Maya : Nomadic Media Collective



Travel Tips Guide

What to expect on your cuban adventure

Travel to Cuba for US Citizens is legal with our yoga retreat programs. We operate under the US Department of the Treasury, Division of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Support for the Cuban People general license § 515.574. This license allows us to travel as a group to Cuba and participate in a full schedule as outlined by the US government while we are in Cuba.

What exactly does ‘Support for the Cuban People’ mean? This is a category of license set up by the US gov’t that encourages connection between the people of Cuba and the people of the US (and beyond so don’t worry if you are from another place! It is really for everyone). This means we will only be directly supporting the Cuban people with our activities and plans while on the island.

Flights are available directly from the USA to Havana and are very affordable. We send you with all the legal documents you need to travel in and out of Cuba as required by US law.

Once travel plans have been made, regardless of any future changes in regulations you are still allowed to follow through with your original plans as they were when set in motion. That said, we do not anticipate any further setbacks in this area of the government.

You will travel to Havana with your own tourist visa just like any country. You purchase this on your own through your airline at the airport in the city in which you are flying into Havana from. Your airline can offer further guidance in this area. The visa costs between $30-50usd in addition to your flight (note that flying through Miami you’ll see a visa rate of $100usd so try to avoid that if at all possible). There is also a way to obtain your travel visa in advance online but shipping costs apply so it might not be cost effective to order in advance. Please contact your airline directly for options and pricing once you have your flights.

You are required to hold onto this visa throughout the duration of your time in Cuba as they ask for it on your departure from the country. There are no departure taxes leaving Cuba.

Please feel free to contact us with any other specific questions or concerns you have regarding travel. We are here to set your mind at ease and help you in any way possible. We have been running retreats in Cuba for more than three years now with much consistency and have not had any problems thus far whatsoever and do not anticipate any to come.


Please plan to bring a duffle or suitcase full of items to be donated to children, women, men, and families in need in Havana. Plan to bring a variety of items of clothing (remember the climate is hot and hotter but chilly in winter so a hoodie and long pants also could serve especially this time of year), toys, books (in Spanish if you can find them or basic workbooks in English), hygiene products, underclothes, and any other items you feel appropriate or that you have to offer. Sizes can range from babies to teens, both boy and girl please as well as adult clothing and other items that you may have around. If you have items in your own closet that you can forego feel free to add those in.  Think basics as those tend to be the most treasured. Items that are always cherished are fabric softener, warm light bulbs, and clothes hangers. It’s the little things…so if any of those are overflowing from your cabinets feel free to toss them into your bags!

We also will be supporting local artists with hard to get supplies so please drop by your local art store or your own studio and pick up oil paint tubes. A variety of brushes, palettes, and canvas rolls if you can fit them into your suitcase (you could roll up some canvas and fit it inside your yoga mat or fold up both when packing.  They can iron out the creases later!)  These are a few suggestions.  We will separate them out on opening night and distribute them throughout our stay. We are very close with a leader in the Cuban art community who will accept our offerings and distribute them as needed throughout the city and beyond.

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity. Keeping in mind the recent hurricane that pummeled the island, Caritas Cubana the organization we work with on the ground distributes their accumulated donations across the island far and wide to reach those most in need. We will also be carrying a few items with us as we make our way around the island to personally deliver to those that cross our paths.


Getting online in Cuba is tricky. If you need to check in there is a place you can do so a couple blocks away at a wifi park. You need to get a scratch off card from a guy on the corner (hopefully he is around) and enter it into your phone or computer. Bringing a laptop seems excessive so I think it’s best to embrace the idea that you are literally ‘offline’ and enjoy that. It’s kind of fabulous and freeing!

In case of any emergency have your people send an email to us with URGENT in the subject and we will get the message to you. Also we have a Cuban cell phone if you or your people need to reach me directly there. We will provide that in our group email the weeks leading up to the retreat.


Cuba operates on 2 currencies: CUC, the Cuban Convertible Peso which is for tourists and CUP, the Cuban Peso which is for national use only.

You should bring EUROS to spend in Cuba as they take 10% of US Dollars when exchanging to CUC. Most major US banks have Euros in stock or can be ordered with a little advance notice. Please heed this warning and bring Euros with you to spend in order to make your money last longer while on retreat. There is a currency exchange desk at the airport in Havana (one inside upstairs and one outside when you exit from customs). You will need your passport to make these transactions. Just let your driver know that you have arrived before your exchange and he will wait for you to do so! Please keep in mind that the items not included in your retreat are :

– Alcohol or any nightlife you’d like to enjoy and taxis getting to and from
– A few Lunches
– Any extras like souvenirs, cigars, art, or rum
– Staff Gratuities which is always much appreciated (and well deserved!)

We recommend that you start out exchanging the equivalent of $200usd and then if you need to exchange more there wil be opportunities in Old Havana to do so during the retreat.

For Americans, your bank card will not work in Cuba (and shouldn’t be used anyway) so you want to make sure to bring enough money with you. Cuba is not as inexpensive as you might think so plan to spend what you would in say Manhattan or San Francisco daily for food and other purchases.  With that in mind you’ll have enough and likely go home with some cash.


Before you leave home please take the time to download for Havana so you can navigate the city in your free time!


“The impact that Sohail has made on me as a teacher has profoundly shifted the way I approach my artistic practice towards a more authentic and creatively fulfilling life. Prior to meeting Sohail, I was a blocked artist unsure of who I was and what I wanted to express. My creative practice suffered tremendously, and so did I. Sohail came into my life during a pivotal time, and he guided me from the very first session we had together. He helped tap into aspects of myself that were suppressed—aspects that were necessary to cultivate honest creativity. Through various workshops, exercises, and sessions over the course of 2+ years, I have gained a better understanding of how to nurture my subconscious self and discovered better ways to express myself as an artist. Now, I’ve launched my own artistic practice, debuted my work in a gallery for the first time, and continuing to build upon my artistic voice all while engaging my local and global community along the way. Anyone who gets the privilege to work with Sohail as their creative teacher will expand beyond measure, and live a much more creatively fulfilling life. His gift is priceless.”


“Sohail guided and taught me how to perform my job to the fullest of my potential. He expanded my capacity beyond the moment and understand how to unlock my own creativity to empower and inspire not only my team of 70 designers, but an entire office of creative problem solvers. He mentored me to to see the entirety of the problem and find the insights to unlock visionary thinking and creativity. His partnership and impact on myself was immense. From guided sessions that allowed my to fully identify my challenges and path forward, to collaborative work sessions that brought clarity and strategic vision to the task I was taking on. His impact on the company was unprecedented. He was a visionary thinker that evolved an entire company from being reactive to personal growth, to a company whose vision was to invest in human growth with a clear and detailed path for career advancement. He is uniquely talented because of his ability to quickly understand a situation and find the right way forward. He works with you to come to your own conclusion, however he knew the path forward in the first 5 minutes. He is truly a one-of-a-kind creative coach, leader, friend and human being. I miss working alongside him everyday.”


“I’ve spent so many years identifying the purpose, values, and strategies for new businesses, but I never took the time to do so for myself. After completing the Life Design program, I now feel that I am living in a much more complete and purposeful way. From a practical standpoint, Sohail helped me chart out the qualities which I most seek to nurture and develop – with a very tactical plan to do so. In a much bigger way, however, he introduced me to tools enabling me to be more present and take joy from each moment of the day, more boldly live as my authentic self, and most importantly, experience a much greater level of intimacy with family, friends, and everyone I meet. Life Design has been life altering for me.”


“My sessions with Sohail made me realize that I was living parts of my life on auto pilot. I was trying to fit into this mold that my family and society designed for me, and I was miserable trying to keep up with everyone else’s dream for what MY life should be. Sohail helped me identify my true passions, list realistic goals on how to pursue them and go out there and just do it. Sohail’s experience and his understanding of the world, people, and human nature make him the ultimate life coach. LifeDesign was truly an amazing process!”


“I’ve had the opportunity and honor of taking Sohail’s Life Design course. The course and the time with Sohail have been trans-formative for me. While I went into the course a little skeptical–what could I possible learn about myself that I haven’t already discovered in the last 38 years?–I find that with each exercise I have a deeper awareness and appreciation for myself, the people in my life, and all the beauty life has to offer. Wherever you find yourself in life, I encourage you to take the course, do the work, and spend the time with the incredibly gifted human being, Sohail. ” 


“Sohail’s Life Design program enabled me to take a positive and fresh paradigm on my social life and career.It helped me to recognize that all of my qualities are strengths and can work towards my benefit, where initially I perceived several as weaknesses.Before this course I was afraid to fail. Now I see that the real failure is the fear of not taking a risk.This unique program helped me realize that society can hinder your talents. Revealing these buried strengths and using them has never been more rewarding.”


“I want to convey what a wonderful experience I had working with Sohail on the re-structuring of my website. He was clear, consistent and communicative.His ideas were spot on and made the experience and the look of the website so much more effective than it had been. I highly recommend working with Sohail… he is a rare individual.”


“I wanted more, but didn’t know what I wanted or how the hell I was going to get there. Sohail was amazing at processing my scattered thoughts, sifting through the layers and layers of my mucky past, confronting/understanding them, extracting the essential information, and uncovering truth at its core… essentially, I found my “true-self” and learned why I was constantly feeling “stuck”. Now, I know what I want to move towards and have the tools to keep me moving forward. I am grateful that I took the step of fulfill the “more” and I have Sohail to thank for this wonderful new insight and outlook. I cannot recommend Sohail enough. He has a true talent connecting with people and being able to reveal our true potential in each one of us and providing us a clear map to reach our ultimate goal.”.


“I have had the honor to work with Sohail and then to become inspired by his unique wisdom and view on life. By sharing his knowledge with me, he has helped me to open my eyes to realize what is truly important. He has an innate ability to weed through all of the fog and ask those questions causing you to take a step back and think about the path you are and how it differs from the one you really ought to be on. Sohail is a gifted individual, an amazing coach and a wise teacher. Anyone choosing to engage in Life Design with him will definitely be better for it.”


“Shortly after embarking on this program with Sohail, I began to discover and prioritize what is truly important to me. I reconnected with my creativity in a powerful way, after having been dormant for many years, helping me to value and recognize the beauty of my own gifts. Together, Sohail and I created a vision of what I would like my life to look like, and created practical steps to take towards my vision. Sohail is a gifted teacher who can help you tune into the real you and the life your soul is craving. I highly recommend this fun and powerful process!”