Our Journal

Tacos are life.

words by Christina Thomas   My favorite taco stop in town in Tulum is called Honorio. They serve handmade tortillas with your choice of the following : lechon with a piece of crispy pig skin (sorry veggies!), the classic cochinita pibil, carne asada, relleno negro which is turkey meat with a black mole sauce and … Continued

by: Christina Thomas

‘I Include Myself’ : Gay Havana

Words by Laurie Greene June 20, 2018 Cuba, like most other places in the world, has not always been accepting of homosexuality or queer culture. As documented by Cuban Poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas in the autobiographical film Before Night Falls (2000), life for openly gay Cubans was often met with discrimination and political retaliation … Continued

by: Laurie Greene

Namaste, and mean it

words by Willis Johnston Being gay has helped me understand the meaning of yoga. To me, at its core essence, yoga is the cultivation of a peaceful life through navigating and existing in one’s truth while also connecting to others with the deep understanding that all beings everywhere spring forth from the same spark of … Continued

by: Willis Johnston

Harness the Overwhelm

words by Sherry Sidoti June 4, 2018 Last weekend I taught a workshop entitled “Harness the Overwhelm” because let’s face it, everyday living can be a bit much: the to-do lists, the expectations, upholding importance, overstimulation, social media, all the caring. Sadly, feeling overwhelmed has become a new norm, and it’s throwing our nervous system … Continued

by: Sherry Sidoti

Following my heart

Words by Christina Thomas   Every client usually asks me how I ended up leaving my life in the States and following my heart to Mexico so I thought I would share my story of how I came to live here in Tulum : One February back in 2008, when it was cold, snowy and … Continued

by: Christina Thomas